I’ve been using two fixed EUREF RTK base stations to use to experiment with RTKLIB and I’ve come across a problem.

The two stations I use are SCOA00FRA set as BASE and PASA00ESP set as ROVER. I download and saved the RTCM live steams from each using STRSVR one instance for each station, then converted to RINEX with RTKCONV to get the NAV and OBS files. Then RTKPOST the BASE and ROVER OBS’s and NAV files. However, this only works (Q=1) with the ROVER using the BASE file and the BASE using the ROVER file. The ‘normal’ way ROVER as ROVER etc doesn’t work.

I’m thinking this is a problem with the RTCM files generated by the stations ?.

I’ve attached the RTCM BASE & ROVER files RTCM-files.zip (3.2 MB)

Can you explain a bit more on what specifically doesn’t work ?

Yes, it never gets a FIX when BASE uses the BASE files and ROVER uses the ROVER but it works the other way around BASE uses ROVER etc.

One thing I did notice although both stations were recorded for the same length of time one file is bigger than the other.

I just uploaded to Youtube what I’m on about https://youtu.be/7-Sys6t9_48

Does it get a float ?

Yes Q=2

Your attached file seems to be in wrong format or corrput, could you post a new one?

Re-uploaded that should work now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One file only contains GPS, the other has two other systems as well, that could be enough to only get float from side as rover and fix from the other.

Also raw.ubx is preferred format for full post processing format.

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Ah ok, how did you work that out ? I was just ‘messing’ with fixed station data to see if it was even possible. I guess some stations are configured differently from each other.

Is it possible, I also started that way, before I got my own units.
However, some stations are just better than others, and it is difficult to say why.
Sometimes this can be fixed by changing settings, sometimes not. Using precise orbits / clocks can also be advantageous.


Indeed, I don’t own any Emlid equipment :slightly_frowning_face: but I thought it would be good idea to get used to the software used. How would I use precise clocks ?

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simple when you know how :grinning:

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