RS3 with XPAD Ultimate

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I current use Emlid 2+ Base Station and Rover with XPAD Ultimate. Looking to upgrade the rover to the Emlid RS3 to utilize the new tilt compensation. After communicating with XPAD support, they will NOT support and are not planning too support the tilt compensation for the RS3.

I stated that there must be significant interest from the Emlid community but the support did not budge. Perhaps it is because the are trying to only support their own tilit-compensation products (unlike Microsurvey). Apparently, MicroSurvey supports the RS3 tilt compensation but this would require retraining of field crews and adjusting the current workflow.

Please note that this is not a plug for Microsurvey or XPAD but perhaps a call to action for those using XPAD to push them to support RS3 Tilt. Also, we did not start off with them because of their lack of support for Geomax Zoom 10 Total Station (XPAD supported the integration) at that time.

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Hi ! Is XPAD compatible with standard NMEA GGA data ? I think it is but may require to buy an option. To be confirmed.

If it is, then you are good to go with the RS3 compensation. You will need to use the last beta version of the Reach firmware though, allowing to stream NMEA GGA with compensated coordinates to the mobile device.


Careful… i think SurPad, SurvX, SurveyMaster and XPAD go out of their way to ensure even NMEA doesn’t work with their software for good reason… competitors.

Microsurvey FieldGenius is the only one that plays nice with most equipment including robotic total stations… good luck with that with other software. Most are JUST GNSS.

Yes, you would have to relearn things and yes different Windows tablets versus Android… FieldGenius is Android also, but still work in progress. I PREFER the Windows version much better… but the Android version is much more lighweight overall software and hardware wise. The file system of Android is screwy though finding out. Again, i live and die by Windows.


Thanks for the feedback.

I have contacted xpad regarding NMEA GGA.

I noted on their website that they support Pseudo NMEA GGA Coordinates. Would this work? Does anyone have experience with Emlid RS3 with XPAD using this method?

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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forum!

We haven’t tested RS3 with the XPAD software, but as Florian mentioned, you can update to the 32 Beta 1 version and stream the NMEA GGA and GST message with the tilt compensation:

Our dealer, E38 Survey Solution, has tested RS2+ and X-PAD and made it work, so it should work with RS3 as well.

Please also note that we don’t recommend using beta firmware versions for work surveys.

Let us know what X-PAD will answer.


Hi, i’m interested too, are there any news?? Thanks

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I have an emlid 3 and in the process of testing XPAD will provide details in a week.


Hi there, any news about ?

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When you purchase the XPAD license you will have to purchase it with “GPS Extended” and it will pull in the NMEA stream like any other 3rd party software. As mentioned before it won’t use the tilt compensation, though you can send the tilt corrected positions in the RS3’s beta firmware. We have run the RS3 beta with XPAD, it works as expected, though we did see a bug, so use with caution.



Can you share more about the bug you’ve experienced? Is it something in the Emlid Flow application or with the Beta firmware?

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Beta firmware I assume. Well the result was that it didn’t seem like it was compensating for tilt, though it said it was ready.

The other strange thing was that it said tilt compensation was ready before ever moving the RS3. After a reboot it behaved normally.


I’d like to investigate your issue deeper. Do you see this result only in XPAD or in the Emlid Flow as well? Please send me your CSV and a Full System report to

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It happens in Flow too. Not possible to grab the CSV or FSR.

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I’ve written you a PM. Let’s continue our conversation there to check our options further. I’ll post our findings here as well.

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