RS3 set-up issue (Factory Reset?)

Hi all. New RS3 owner here. I’m running in to a problem that my Android Emlid Flow app doesn’t find the initially WiFi-linked RS3 anymore. RS3 has a static blue WiFI-light on, but my Samsung doesn’t find the hotspot of the RS3.

I’ve done the hard reset several times, but that didn’t help. Is there a way to do a full factory reset manually so I could start from scratch?

If the WiFi LED is solid blue, it means the unit has connected to a third-party WiFi network, and then it does not create its own hotspot.

Perfectly normal. You can find the Reach hotspot only when the WiFi LED is solid white.

So the question is to find to which network the Reach is now connected. If not to your smartphone’s own hotspot, then it could be to the house or office WiFi network. Connect your phone to it and open Emlid Flow to see if the unit appears in it.


Hi @MK74, Welcome to the community!

As you mentioned, your RS3 has a static solid blue light on, which means the device is connected to the WiFi network. Your phone should connect to the same WiFi network to see the device on Emlid Flow.

You can try to find which WiFi network the Reach connects, as @Florian mentioned. If you want to change the device back into factory setup, you can do reflashing. Please be aware that you will lose all the data on the Reach by doing this.