RS3 receiver WiFi BT simultaneous operation

While the documentation provides detailed instructions on setting up Wi-Fi connections and using the device with the Emlid Flow app for operations over Wi-Fi​​​​, it does not explicitly mention simultaneous operation of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Please verify both can be operated without interruption to each other.

Hi @engineering_305,

Sorry for the silence here.

Yes, you can connect to Reach RS3 via Wi-Fi and stream position from it via Bluetooth at the same time. Is this the workflow you want to work with?

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I’m thinking he has mentioned connected to the unit via WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. For connecting 2 data collectors at once . It only connects to one at a time . I have tried connecting my windows tablet FG and android at the same time . no go

Hi Dave,

Why would you need a connection to the same unit on two different devices at the same time? Can you please share more details about it?

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