RS3 & Reachview3

I’m looking into purchasing a RS3, will Reachview3 work as a data collector with the RS3 and a total station or would I need a third party data collector to do this?


Hi Doug,

Our app supports working with Reach receivers only. So you can use it to operate Reach RS3 but not the total station. Total stations are usually operated via a built-in interface.

P.S. Just wanted to say that you’ll need to work with the updated version of the ReachView 3 app—Emlid Flow. It is available both in Google Play and App Store. And here is also a link to learn more about it.


Look at FieldGenius for Windows (Android not ready yet for Robotic Total Station and other aspects). (Windows version discontinued Trimble support, but Leica works great)(very old versions had support fir Trimble, but Trimble removed).

Havent used, but apparently Carlson Layout for Android has support for many instruments. There is SurvCE and SurvPC too.

SurveyPro. Obviously Trimble, Leica software etc as long as they can bring in via NMEA.

Keep in mind that these third party apps may or may not have support for Emlid products or you can use NMEA and make sure your Antenna Phase Center (APC) is set correctly. FG has older Reach RS driver, but set to 65mm APC. 134mm APC from ARP for RS2/RS+/RS3, but no specific driver… YET. Hopefully successful new RS3 driver to support tilt soon?

There are obviously other apps too… xpad, surpad, survx, tersus, surveymaster, etc etc.


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