RS3 NTRIP Configuration

I currently work for a general contractor in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. We recently purchased an Emlid RS3 to verify and produce survey points. I have spent countless hours trying to I make sure I get the most accuracy out of this GNSS receiver as possible. The one thing I am stuck on now is the ability to get the same location numbers (lat, long, elevation) as the surveyors that we use on site. Also, I have Civil Plan sheets for each of our projects that list 2 or 3 Benchmarks. I am unable to reproduce the Benchmark numbers with the RS3.

I feel that the reason I am not getting the same numbers as the surveyors and civil engineers is because I am using the wrong grid system and/or vertical datum. I use the Point1Navagation NTRIP service and was told by one of their techs last night that they use WGS 84. How do I make the RS3 use WGS 84?

Can someone please help me find out which Grid System to use as well as the correct vertical datum and either Feet, or US Survey Feet in order to get the same measurement results as our surveyors?

Thank you so much for any and all help you can provide.

Hi @Dunning,

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If your NTRIP service provides corrections in WGS84, you should leave your coordinate system on Global CS option when creating a new project, and you will get the coordinates in WGS84 and ellipsoidal height. On the same tab, you can change the unit too if needed. However, are you certain that the surveyor used WGS84?