Rs3 logging

A few weeks ago i upgraded from a couple rs+ (base and rover) to a Rs3 that i plan to use as rover via an ntrip correction service. now i was wondering if i could download the rinex files for pos prossesing. i cant. next messages are shown:


I can download all the other loggings, except for “3 Jun”, the data i wanted to review.

Hi Diego,

The error suggests that the device was shut down during the compression process.

We have released a possible solution in the 32 Beta firmware version. In this version, the compression should be finished correctly even if the device is shutting down simultaneously. This fix will also be included in the subsequent stable releases.

In your case, I’d suggest performing the survey again and checking the Logging tab to see if your logs are completely compressed and saved on your Reach after you stop logging.


thank you for the fast reply, how do i avoid this in the future? maybe turnnig off througt the app?


Our suggestion is to wait for data processing to finish before turning off the Reach devices.

@olesia.riman , could this be automated so that the Reach unit carries on compression until it’s done (effectively as a silent background task) even though the unit itself appears to the user to have shut down? Ie it just happens in the background as part of the shutdown procedure.

So, I finish a job, and just turn off the Reach (or shut it down with the panel command), the unit appears to turn off, but in reality is silently carrying on with the log compression. It then actually finishes and shuts down fully once the logs are compressed.

As a new user of the units, that’s what I’d expected to happen. Especially as there’s no explicit warnings to wait in the user manuals, and indeed I don’t think there’s any warning on the Reach Panel interface either.


Thank you for the feedback. We have reworked the logging mechanism in the 32 Beta version and believe the issue with the logs described in this post will not happen again.

We have included the warning in our documentation, but yes, there isn’t any in the application. I’ve passed your idea to our development team.

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