RS3 Cordinate mismatch using Lora vs Ntrip


I am new to Emlid, but i have measured a bit with RS3 over Ntrip as a rover and the results are looking OK. On the other hand i was setting up RS3 as a base and using other RS3 as a rover over Lora, where i am having a coordinate mismatch / off sett of coordinates about one 1m comparing measurement’s directly with ntrip ? I have Fix both on base and rover and i am wondering what i am doing wrong ?

Can anybody give me a hint ? I have set the base and rover as the manuals for Emlid propose for setting upp Base and Rover over Lora.

Hi @Geoform

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When using RS3 as a base and another RS3 as a rover, did you average the base position in Single? If you use known base coordinates, are they in the same datum as the NTRIP service?