RS3 as base for DJI M300 losing RTK fix


We are flying a DJI M300 in a remote location, with the RS3 on a known point and local NTRIP. We fly the same polygon we have been flying with the DRTK and have switched up to the EMLID RS3. The site is around 600m downhill from the base station and our landing/VLOS point. The DRTK never drops RTK fix, but with the RS3 it loses RTK at the bottom half of the site. I thought we should get better reception with the RS3, is there a connection setting we could be missing? We don’t have issues at other sites, but as soon as the drone drops over the edge of the hill it loses RTK with the RS3. Is the DRTK leveraging the RC to connect to the drone? Anyone have similar?



Yes, your RTK connection from the RS3 to the M300 is via the RC unit. You need to make sure you don’t stray too far from the RS3 and lose the wifi connection. If that’s an issue, then you need to have a wifi hotspot or wifi router covering the area between the RC/pilot and the RS3 base.


Hi Jake,

Do you use Reach RS3 Wi-Fi to connect the base and drone with the Local NTRIP?

You will need a Wi-Fi hotspot that covers your base and flight area, as @ElectroNick suggests.

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