RS3 Antenna PCV Calibration

Could Emlid please confirm intention for RS3 PCV calibration?

The latest igs20_2290.atx still has RS3 (and RS2+) included only as a copy of the RS2 calibration without verification.

Thank you.

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Appears as in the notes of the ANTEX ANTINFO files that the files are just COPIED over from RS2->RS2±>RS3 since the antenna hardware is the same?

Yes, I think that is the assumption…until it’s verified.

As an example I’ve got a Zephyr Geodetic 2 base antenna, and there were options with different style plastic covers e.g. for snow. They have each been calibrated separately and you can see their entries as TRM57971.00 NONE, TRM57971.00 TZGD & TRM57971.00 SCIT. And all the calibration results are different.

There may or may not be differences resulting from any changes to RS3 and for a flagship model it would be good to know for sure. And if you were using it for any formal survey work then you would want to know for legal traceability.

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Hi @Wombo,

We don’t plan to add separate calibration information for the RS2+ and RS3. As Tim mentioned, since the component placement is the same, it will be like calibrating the RS2 again.

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