RS3 and Trimble R750 connection

I’m trying to connect my RS3 to a Trimble GPS R750 and SPS-855 Base Station, with Zephyr 3 Antenna, outputting 462.400 MHz, Station Index 29, CMR+, Baud rate 4800, Port 2, and 900 MHz, Station Index 21, so outputting 2 frequencies.

Can I receive corrections from this Trimble base to my RS3 unit then output it via NTRIP to my M3E drone?

If it’s possible, what would be a recommend workflow?

The goal is to send RTK corrections to the RTK drone from the Trimble base via the RS3.

Is there a reason you can’t NTRIP directly from the R750 or SPS855? If you could do it that would be the best option.

Some related details in a recent discussion here: Set up own Trimble RTK base for Emlid rovers - Reach RS3 / Hardware integration - Emlid Community Forum

Your challenges start with the CMR+ if UHF (need RTCM), the 900mhz is different to the LORA and not compatible, and I don’t think you can relay/share from the RS3. I would actually like to be able to do that myself.

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Yea. You would have to do the ntrip/internet base/rover setup. You cannot mix a UHF (Trimble base) with 900mhz of rover (RS3).

Oh, you are trying to daisy chain it all together. I would doubt that would be possible. Just go the internet route. I do see that you could have the 900mhz version of the 855 now too.

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The guys are correct. You can simplify your workflow by sending the correction from your Reach RS3 to your DJI drone via local NTIRP or Emlid Caster. Our guide can help you with the steps.

UPD: I corrected my comment a bit. Technically, you can receive corrections on the base and send its own corrections to another unit at the same time. But in most cases, this is an unnecessary step. Can you tell me why you need to do this?