I have wired a Reach RS2 to an Amatron 4 agricultural controller using DB9 serial connector. I’ve used it successfully for my purposes but I’ve noticed that the NMEA message appears to be somehow faulty.

The Amatron 4 shows that GSA is 4 hz when ReachView says 1 hz. The Amatron can’t get any reading for GSV. The amount of satellites in Amatron and ReachView is different. I’ve understood that this might be because GSV is somehow faulty. Does this affect positioning accuracy on Amatron or do you have any idea why this happens…?

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Hi @Jori,

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How do you configure the NMEA stream on the Reach side? In ReachView 3 or Reach Panel interface?

Hello and thank you.

I configured the NMEA through Reach Panel since I didn’t find the configurement very fast in ReachView. And I have to correct myself since I said the ReachView said the GSV is 1 hz, it was Reach Panel which said that.

Hi @Jori,

I see; thanks! Can you please share the screenshot from Reach Panel showing how you configured NMEA stream?

Hi @Jori,

Thanks, got you. Have you tried to set Talker ID as GP? Does it help?

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