RS232 RS2 Voltage level

Hi all,

Me again, I was wondering what is the level voltage of the RX TX and PPS signal of the RS232 connector of the RS2.

I would love to read that is all 5V.
Also, is the PPS signal ahving a resistor before the output because I intent to put this signal to a GPIO that got a Zener Diode in front of it.

Thank you all.

Hi Guillaume,

I’ll check a couple of things and get back to you with the info.

Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for your patience.

RX pin of RS-232 interface accepts levels from ±3 V up to ±25 V. TX level is at least ±5 V. PPS signal is a 3.3 V CMOS signal and has no series resistor.

Thanks, so what is the maximum length allowed for the provided cable since PPS is a 3v3.
We would need at least 5 m for our applicaiton but we are afraid to loose signal.

Is your cable shielded also ? what are your recommendations ?

Hi Guillaume,

The maximum cable length we provide for the 9-pin bottom connector of RS2 is 2 meters. You can check one without the second connector at our store. Longer cables may cause a significant worsening of the signal. So, I wouldn’t recommend using longer cables with our receivers.


Shame we would need a 5m, so if we manage to have a cable with better shielding or an amplification it could do the trick I assume.

Thank you for your feedback.

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