Rs232 port connection and required hardware

I own several rs+ units and I am currently using the mirosusb 2.0 port to send USB-PC position output using NMEA messages. Our current application is used outdoors and because of that I assume the LEMO connector will be more robust. I currently have the LEMO connector with out the second connector, what other hardware and what connections have to be made to be able to connect to a PC and relay the same NMEA messages and also leverage the power functionality of the lemo connector on the bottom. I am fairly new to communication protocols so a simple diagram used to wire the connector up will be much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Vishnu,

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You can output the position with the RS-232 connector of Reach RS+. You can find the pinout of connector here. To output the position to PC, you might want to check out our other cables with the DB9 Female connector or DB9 Male connector.

It’d be great if you shared more details of your project and the desired setup so that we could understand the required specifics.

Polina, Okay so from my understanding I would use a UART to USB converter to be able to connect to my computer?

What are the event and pps pins?

Thank you Vishnu

Hi Vishnu,

If you’d like to use the USB port of your computer, then you need a converter.

You don’t need those pins for the position output. Event pin can be used for recording time-marks in the raw data log and the PPS pin can be used for the synchronization with external hardware.

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