RS232 Output string settings

Hi All,

Im trying to connect my Reach RS+ Rover to a PLC with RS232 serial connection.

I have some questions about the output:

currently i use the following RS232 settings:

Baudrate = 14400
Data bits = 8
Patirty bit (checkbit) = N
Stop bits = 1
idle time between two characters = 1
number of receive buffers = 30
Length of receive buffer = 512

The String i receive in each output format is unreadable.

XYZ Format:

Output string:

example with NMEA format:

Am i missing something?
I tried with different settings and baudrates.
But the output string always seems to be unreadable.

Emlid Reach RS+
9pin connector
D-sub connector
B&R X20 CP3584 with RS232Module IF1020

Any help is welcome!

Hi @j.braun,

Could you share with us Reach RS+ position output configurations?

Fixed the problem.
Idle time between two characters should be 1000
The Carridge return delimiter is dec 13
For line feed delimiter i used the same dec 10.

Works fine now.

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