RS232 Connection VS Power Port


I’m new to EMLID. We have recently purchased EMLID Reach RS2 which will be set up as a permanent correction base on top of a tower and stream the correction through and external Radio that would be connected to the RS232 connection port.

We are also planning to permanently power the RS2 unit through the RS232 9 pin connector available on the unit.

My question is, how can I connect the the radio and power the RS2 units through the RS232 9 pin connector.

Why the RS232 and power are limited both to one port only.

I’m not sure if any of you have faced a similar issue.

Looking forward for your answers.

You can buy the cable that only has the port connector, the other side has wires you can terminate yourself.

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That is exactly what I did to port it into a Trimble monitor. Power/GND to 12V+/- RX to TX and TX to RX. That way it powers the RS2 and transmits NMEA data to the monitor. I used a 12 pin Deutsch connector on the end of Emlid’s cable, then a 45’ long extension.

That’s absolutely right suggestion!

Layth, if you need Reach RS2 bottom connector pinout, it’s here.

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