RS2+ with Trimble base station

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I’m hoping to buy a RS2+ as a rover for data collection, I currently have a Trimble AgGPS 542 base station that’s set up on 900MHZ for machine control and I’m hoping to use this base with a RS2+ receiver. Is this possible or will I need to buy another RS2+ as a base?

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Trimble 900MHz & Emlid LoRa aren’t compatible.

LoRa is good but note it’s a maximum of 0.1 Watt compared to the AgGPS 542 900 MHz which I believe is capable of pushing 2 Watts.


Can you use a modem or SIM to cast the base to the internet broadcasting RTCM 3.x corrections and pull them down with Emlid Flow and RS2+?

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As Wombo said, LoRa radio operates only with Reach receivers. But you can use your Trimble base and Reach RS2+ over Emlid Caster. For that, you only need a stable Internet connection on your worksite, connecting both devices to the same mount point in Emlid Caster, and you’re good to go. Would it be an option for you?

Hi all,
Thank you for your quick responses! Yes I have stable internet on most sites so I will look into Caster, hopefully it’s not too difficult as I’m very new to the Survey world. If I do this I will need to make sure I purchase a emlid receiver with 4g capability as our 3G network is being shut down

Reach devices are very flexible so bear in mind you don’t have to have mobile in the Reach itself. It’s a good compact option but you could also Wi-Fi from your Reach to your mobile phone which presumably will already be with your rover, or even a portable Wi-Fi hotspot if you already had one and didn’t want to lash out on yet another mobile service from your Telco.

Or you could install an NTRIP client app on your phone and Bluetooth to the Rover.

Lots of options, whatever makes sense for you. That said, RS3 is an awesome device and would be a good investment. The IMU tilt compensation is great. If your AgGPS 542 had the 450MHz radio option instead of the 900MHz it would have been compatible with RS3 so also keep that in mind if you still have Trimble connections

Emlid caster is straight forward to setup and there’s plenty of help here.

For the AgGPS 542, it should be straight forward to configure its NTRIP Server for Emlid Caster. It works fine with my NetR9 & NetR5.


I’ll second using an existing device with a hotspot. I’m sure it makes sense in some use cases to have a dedicated SIM for the receiver but I haven’t found one and when I tried it I could never get as good of a connection as I could with my phone or dedicated modem.


Hi Jack,

I’d like to add our guide about connecting the base and the rover to the same mount point in Emlid Caster. As the guys mentioned, connecting Reach to the Internet is possible with your mobile phone’s hotspot or with a SIM card.

Reach RS2+ and Reach RS3 both support 4G SIM cards.