RS2 with SurvPC - connection problem


I am using RS2 with SurvPC on tablet. When I paired receiver with tablet and after that I would like make connection in SurvPC, software show me alert “Operation time out”.

After that I go to the Survey tab and click on “Store points” and SurvPC ask me if I would like connect. After click on Connect sometimes is everythink ok, sometimes I have also here “Operation time out”.

Can you help me where is the problem?

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Does SurvPC have bluetooth connection for the GPS? How does it connect to the external GPS?

Hi there,
Which version of SurvPC are you using?
I am keen to use version 6 with a Reach RS2.


I am using SurvPC v. 6.06

I am using connection thrue Bluetooth. In Windows I have made pairing with Reach and in SurvPC I have set:

  • NMEA GPS receiver
  • BT Type: Windows Mobile
  • Device: Reach (from list of pairing devices)

When I make settings based on manual ( for SurvPC, I can not make any connection via port for BT.

Is windows paired and connected with your receiver? If so, without some sort of sharing application, you can only be connected to a BT device with one thing at a time normally.

Hi @solinko,

Could you please record a screencast of the issue or provide us with the screenshots so that we could see at which point does the connection issue occurs? Which version of ReachView are you using?

With that info, we can troubleshoot the issue more effectively.

I am having the exact same issues using a Panasonic FZ-M1 and an RS2 works ok then a simple drop in NMEA corrections it kills the bluetooth connection. I have used the survpc by itself and and have used the windows system and noticed the same exact issue using V 6.07 and no other applications are connected to the unit


I recorded screen during the set up:

Problem is that in Windows 10 I can not conect to the Emlid before making connection in SurvPC. Or how it is possible? When you have bluetooth connection betwen tablet and RS2, connection in SurvPC is without problem.
But when you turn on tablet, RS2 and SurvPC, there is problem with connection via Bluetooth and in this cases there is message “Operation time out”.

Hi @solinko,

Sorry for the delay.

Could you please try deleting the Reach profile in the “GPS Rover” field and re-establish the connection again? Please, let me know if the “Operation time out” message appears again in that case.


I have made it and my resault is that for connection you have to stay outside for receiving position by receiver. When you do not have position and you are inside, you can not connect via SurvPC.
So resault is, that you have to be outside when you want make connection via SurvPC (on the other site you will see message “Operation time out”).

Hi @solinko,

Yes, it is an expected behavior. Reach units are configured in a way that they stream their position via NMEA when they have at least Single solution status.

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