RS2 will not boot after update

I just updated to the latest version and now my RS2 will not finish the boot up process. The LEDs continue moving left to right. I can’t access the unit via ReachView either. Please help, as I have ongoing projects and I rely on this unit.

Hi @dslocum,

Please email us via with the video of the LED status and the serial number of the device. You can find the number by scanning the QR code under the SIM card slot cover.

We’ll check what we can do with this RS2 further to make it work.


Curious to know what could cause this so that others can avoid falling into this position

Hi Adrian,

This is a valid desire but a bit hard to accomplish. The same symptoms may have different reasons - it’s a commonplace but it’s still true. That’s why I can’t get you any unique instructions here. Each case should be treated separately.

So to work with our units, just follow our User Guide that came with it in the package and reach out to us if you suspect something.

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