RS2 WiFi Connection Failure / flash blue --> solid white wifi LED

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    reachview 1.5 for iOS

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    can’t start? can’t connect… no report available. sorry.

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    video description of problem uploaded here:

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    see video
    previously attempted to connect via mobile hotspot in the field, failed. returned to urban wifi, reliable connections, chronic failure of device to connect.

  5. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
    see video

  6. If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the video!

Could you please specify whether you use a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network? Do you have any special symbols in the password or is it just numbers and letters? How far is the RS2 from the router?

Thanks for your response:

  1. there’s an eero wireless mesh device that uses 2.4 and 5 GHz simultaneously, and the router (plugged into network via coax) is dual-band.
  2. the password is alphanumeric
  3. 1yd<distance<2yd

The same protocol from my video has failed to yield a connection in exactly the same way on:
-mobile 4G hotspot
-cafe login-ID based wifi (this one wasn’t surprising)

I have read of similar issues on these forums.

Anticipating I may need to reinstall an older wifi router w/2.4/5GHz options, or find yet another location to reattempt initial connection. When I do find another location, which band should I choose? 2.4 or 5GHz?


Update: tried on 2.4GHz w/in similar range of router. No success. Password also alphanumeric.

Hi Michael,

Could you PM me the Full System Report? You can see how to do it in this article.


Maybe I’m missing something from that link, but it appears a connection w/ the RS2 is necessary to access a Full System Report. The RS2’s failure to connect to wifi upon startup, w/ reflashed firmware is preventing me from connecting to the RS2.

even now, via chrome browser (v 83.0.4103.61) I can’t connect to the RS2, which appears to be necessary to access the Full System Report, yes?

additional video for problem description. same errors.


After RS2 fails to connect to the external hotspot, it starts to broadcast its own Wi-Fi (so-called hotspot mode).

You can use this mode of the RS2 (solid white Wi-Fi LED) to connect to the unit without the external network. While the RS2’s Wi-Fi LED is solid white, the Reach broadcast its own Wi-Fi network with a name “reach:xx:xx”. This article shows how to do it.

You can access the unit via the ReachView app from your smartphone or by typing in your browser.

Please, keep me posted about your progress.


The video I posted follows precisely the steps included in the article you linked. (via in browser) There’s no connection established. I’m at the point where I believe this issue could be resolved by a return and replacement of hardware, unless there’s a tool you can get me to access the RS2 via USB serial port. All documentation I can find of how to connect via serial port (which, given the error preventing my browser and phone(s) from connecting via 2.4GHz, 5GHz, dual band, AND 4G hotspot) suggest that I need to connect first, which does not happen when I follow the instructions from the links you’ve sent me so far. My more recent video reflect me following the instructions and the problem persists.

Thanks for your time and attention.



Thank you for the videos.

It does not seem to be a hardware issue since RS2 passes all the tests on the startup according to the videos you’ve sent.

Could you please try to connect it to the iOS hotspot following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled in the iOS settings. At the same time, your iOS device should not be connected to any Wi-Fi network.

  2. Navigate to the Personal Hotspot tab. Make sure that you have allowed other devices to join.

  3. Specify the network name and the password in the ReachView.

  4. Keep the Personal Hotspot tab opened until RS2 is connected.

In case the issue repeats, could you please share a screencast of your iOS device with the connection to ReachView? Could you please tell me what was the reason to reflash the unit?

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