RS2 Wi-Fi connection problem

We have got 2 RS2 receiver.

  1. In one (it is my friend’s equipment) was intenernet connection problem. I updated the firmware version with the newest (1.25.1) and after it I generally can not connect to the Wi-Fi via smartphone.

  2. In other (it is mine) there were often issue with the Wi-Fi connection vie smartphone. I updated the firmware version with the newest (1.25.1) and after the issue continue. The problem start when in the receiver is SIM-card and internet. When I turn off the internet Wi-Fy connection works good. Therefore, I started use my receiver with Handheld controller (with FieldGenius) via bluetooth.

Could you please help me?

P.S. If iti is poosible for you, it is easer for me to discuss and speake out about my problem in russian language.


Hi Binnat,

At the moment, the latest firmware version is 26 Beta 1. There are some improvements that may help to resolve this issue. May I ask you to update the receivers and check if it helps?

Please check out my message in your PM. I’ve contacted you there regarding the communication in Russian.

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Hi, Ksenia.
Thanks for your reply.
Ofcourse, I can try to do it - update in my one.
But other one (which is my friend) can not connect via Wi-Fi to update.

I saw your message and I will write to the Support e-mail in Russian. Thanks for it!

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