RS2 w External antenna for the radio

I’m curious if anyone has used a high gain external antenna to extend the range of the radio link in rugged terrain. I don’t know how much of the .1w is making it to the antenna, but a high quality coax and 5db gain antenna should help .

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Good external antennas on both the base and rover can’t hurt reception.

I haven’t done it yet but, I just purchased two for my M2 project.

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See this link.

I would think you would really just need the better antenna on the broadcast end of the connection

Yes I have and it does work well, even at 2m off the ground.

Ali antenna

I only have it on the broadcast side, it more than doubled my range.

But now I want to put it up a 40ft tower, I am skipping the 0.1w unit for external 1.0 watt units.
also I will be remote mounting the 1W radio at the top of the tower directly under the antenna to prevent cable losses. The data will go up the tower on RS232 undiminished. hoping for some large performance gains.


Are you putting the radio in a weather proof box or is it already that way?

Putting the radio up there is smart! You will not have to buy the high $$$$ cable that you would have to run up there otherwise.

On my permanent base tower 90’ tall, I used 1/2 Helical cable which runs anywhere from $1.50 - $3.50/ft. I did add a 900 mhz booster at the base as the Trimble base is a 1W radio.

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I would need to put in in a weatherproof box. Its a good idea as long as you do not have to climb back up often. Fingers crossed about surviving winter :crossed_fingers:

I think I could get away with using cat 5 for the wiring to the top.

I am not sure but I would think so. I know you can run a 100’ CAT 5 for a PC network. Not sure how much RS232 degrades over wire. Depending on what you are powering your radio with you could use two of the Parani SD1000 and transmit it via BT with direct line of site. They have a DB9 connector on them.

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