RS2 vs RS3 performance

I have an RS2 and an RS3 and have found the RS2 to be much quicker to initialize and more reliable at keeping a fix than the RS3. This is worse if the IMU is on. I like the tilt compensation, but fall back to the RS2 often to get the job done.

Does anyone else find the RS3 to be finicky?


Yes with RS3 you have to kind keep it in motion for the imu to know whats going on

But OP is more concerned if TILT is off for RS3 compared to RS2.

Thank you for the responses. I may not be initializing the tilt as efficiently as I should. I tend to rock about the tip of the pole when it is planted on the ground, but it sounds like I should move it around horizontally. Or both? When it is working, the tilt compensation feature is great, but it given the effort to get it initialized, I sometimes wonder if it is accurate.

However, it mostly seems the unit doesn’t get a FIX as readily and loses it where the RS2 doesn’t. I use an iPhone 15 Pro for the NTRIP connection for both models.

I really want to like the RS3, but so far (several months) it still causes frustration.

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By losing fix, do you mean the ability to collect points (Tilt engaged + in fix) or simply the fixed solution going from fix (green) to Float for Single (Yellow/Red)?

The latter - it goes to float or single.

Are you connecting via bluetooth or wifi?
Android or iOS?

Bluetooth on an iPhone 15 Pro. Connecting to the RS3 via WiFi is also more difficult than the RS2.

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On the hotspot of the RS3, you mean ?
Do you run a sim-card in it ?

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I use the iPhone as a hotspot and typically use Bluetooth for the NTRIP corrections. I prefer to use WiFi for the connection to the RS unit, but that seems to be hit-or-miss and Bluetooth always works. I do not have a SIM card.

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Hi @cneufeld39,

Sorry for the radio silence here.

As @davehofer1993 mentioned, you need to keep Reach RS3 in motion for the tilt feature to initialize. If it remains still for too long, the Emlid Flow app will prompt you to move it. You can rotate or walk with the receiver for a few seconds until you hear the notification sound. Also, no worries. If you get a Fix solution, the accuracy is still a centimeter-level.

Have you had a chance to update to our latest 32 Beta 5 firmware version? It includes some improvements for tilt functionality. We’d appreciate it if you could try the update and let us know your feedback. You can update to the Beta version in Emlid Flow.

It seems rather unusual to me, so it’d be great to investigate this issue further. Could you please conduct the following test:

  1. Place your Reach RS3 outdoors in an open area with no obstacles nearby.
  2. Next, you need to configure your unit to receive corrections from your NTRIP service.
  3. Record the Raw data log in UBX format with the Position log (in LLH format) and Base correction log (in RTCM3 format) options enabled. It should be enough to log the data for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After that, save the log and share it with me with the Full System report.

I’ll need it all to see the data the units receive in detail. Since it contains sensitive information, you can email it to us at