RS2 vs RS+ Float Time to 3-inch Accuracy?

In the United States, assuming decent satellite visibility, what’s the difference, on average, between the RS+ and RS2 in the time it takes for a base not using RTK/NTRIP to determine coordinates to within 3 inch accuracy?

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Probably never when you don’t have any correction input.
With no correction input, you will be in Single Mode, meaning 2.5m accuracy.

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RS2 and M2 are a lot more repeatable without rtk being dual band, but you can be repeatably inaccurate using relative measurements without rtk.

I’ve used an m2 for machine control without correction and the lines were +/-6 inch down the swath, but I highly doubt they lined up with the surveyed world in any way.


Hi @jazee,

As Christian said above, you will get only a meter-level accuracy in a single mode with Reach RS+.

If not using corrections from the CORS, you can achieve the best result with the PPP service. The accuracy will be submeter-level but still not better than 30 cm (11.8 inches) for Reach RS+.

You can check other possible ways for placing the base in our docs.

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