RS2+ v30 dropping connection when SIM is inserted

Setting up for the first time a RS2+ with a sim card. Updated receiver to v30, all configuration works properly with my home wireless network. Once I insert a SIM (whereversim iOT SIM datacard) I am running into issues. I could not connect via the emlid hotspot for more than a few seconds. It was there, then dropped. Sometimes I could view settings only to be disconnected seconds later. I had SIM Mobile ON, Hotspot ON etc. all on ON. When disconnecting WIFI by “Activate hotspot” my phone sees the new emlid hotspot, but again I can’t connect. What am I missing?

Does not seem to be related to SIM card… When doing a refresh in “Emlid Flow” I see the IP address and even the LTE bar with SIM card. LTE bar goes away when I remove the sim card. No difference on my problem though, I can’t seem to connect using the emlid hotspot. Obviously I was able to do this initially when configuring my wifi and getting the v30 update. Could this be related to v30 ?

Looks like a different phone works, so not the RS2+ or v30 problem.

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Hi @jheupel,

If you face the same issue with a different phone, please let me know. We’ll look into this.

Thanks! It was solved using a different phone.

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