RS2 usb-serial drivers

i did activate usb to pc on reachrs2

i did download firmware flash tool

i did start zadic.exe

it did detected the rs2 and did install the usb drivers…

i can see also rs2 in the devices manager.

… but i can not find any usb device at my software.

i did try it with a desktop pc and my laptop with emlid usb cable…

any ideas?

Hi @Andreas_Ortner,

Do you want to reflash Reach RS2 device? We provide a new flash tool in our docs for it.

i do not unterstand you answer.

i like to connect rs2 to my software via usb cable…


It seems I misunderstood your question first.

Do other Reach devices work with this software? What’s the software you want to use?

i did run it with m / m+ and rs.

i only parses nmea sentences via usb

Hi @Andreas_Ortner,

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to reproduce your issue. I outputted the position from RS2 over USB to QGIS and it works.

Could you please post the screenshot of the Device Manager on your PC? I just want to check how Reach RS2 is defined.

Have you already tested the Serial connection in the Putty tool? Does it accept NMEA strings from RS2?

I can post a Pic later.

At device Manager all Look ok. It is shown as Reachrs with no errors.

But there is no usb shown. So with no USB port i can’t look with any Software…

you see no com port…

I see ReachRS2 listed in your screenshot under “USB-Gerate”

Can you open it and show which driver is being used?

I cannot remember, but I think the Edison Reach RS receiver OLDER drivers at one point, you would see them under the USB group, but later a different driver I had used it doesn’t show under under USB now. I think it was under another group in Device Manager? Like a Composite or Virtual USB device port or something. But, it’s there so you can connect your receiver to USB port to use with other software, GoogleEarth etc. I’ll have to look when I can.

EDIT: sorry, I see you are referring to RS2, I was referring to RS. Sorry.

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On a Linux computer, RS2 was identified as:

cdc_acm 3-5:1.2: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

In ReachView I had to navigate to the Position Output tab and select: Serial; Device: USB-to-PC, and Format: NMEA.

After doing that I had NMEA streaming into my computer’s /dev/ttyACM0 port. It was verified by typing this command into a terminal window:
cat /dev/ttyACM0

Now I will try the same thing with a Windows 10 computer. Stand by for result…

On a Windows 10 computer, you can see which devices are plugged in by opening the Device Manager:

When Reach RS2 is plugged in by USB, it shows up in under Other devices and it has a yellow caution triangle meaning there is a problem:

Opening up the details of Reach RS2, you see that is has no driver:

If you already have a non-working driver listed, then REMOVE IT FIRST.

One way to get a working driver installed is to use the Zadig tool:
You can visit the ZADIG WEBSITE or click for a DIRECT DOWNLOAD of version 2.3 (free application; confirmed working for Windows 10)

Right-click and “run as administrator” and allow the Zadig tool permission to modify your computer. You should see Reach RS2 in the upper drop-down list. You should also see a driver selection list. Make sure you select: USB SERIAL (CDC) and then click to “Install Driver”:

After installing the Zadig CDC driver, you can see Reach RS2 has changed in the Device Manager window. It is now listed under Ports (COM & LPT). In this particular case it has been assigned to port: COM25. It will be assigned to a similar port number on your computer:

This computer has cygwin installed, so in that terminal window, I typed in the command cat /dev/ttyS24 and proved that NMEA data was streaming from Reach RS2 over USB-serial to the Windows 10 computer:
You can use any similar terminal program to view the COM port input. (e.g. Hyperterminal, etc.)

Now you can use Reach RS2 to send accurate position information to any navigation app on your computer.

Good luck!

@Andreas_Ortner: This solution was written verbosely for the general benefit of all. :wink:



Bide ! Thank you very much.

What i have done:

i did use the device manager to uninstall reachrs2 (also did uninstall the driver)
i did download zadig from your link.
and did install the drivers…

and voila it works!
now reachrs2 is displayed with an com port and i can connect.


Emlid : please add the download link and description to your docs !

(zadig.exe in your firmware download does not work…)


Hey there,

It’s also possible to use Reach Firmware Flasher to install Reach drivers on Windows PC/laptop. You don’t need to reflash Reach, just install Flasher and all the necessary USB/Serial drivers for Reach will be installed automatically.

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