RS2 Ublox Config

Oh happy day.

Got my rs2 to start working an looking in it.

did see that the receiver is very nerveous switching from fix to float,

how can i access the f9 via tcp.

if i use port 2000 i cant see the full configuration…

btw great work emlid!!

i did Access the receiver with u-center software tcp:2000… but i can not see all the config …

where can i find the config file on the receiver (ssh) ?

Hi Andreas. Can you expand a bit on your comment above?

I Did work a lot with F9p over the last months and Did See that there is a very stabile fix - also at Bad Environment.

Rs2 ist sometime switching from fix to float- maybe some Settings or delay in correction signal…

There is a Settings that you can move uo to 240 sec to Hold fix wihout rtcm Signal…


Hi Andreas,

Long time no see!

Interesting observations. How do you pass corrections to RS2? How do your base and rover settings look like?

I am afraid there’s no way to get access to the chip in RS2. Let’s start with looking into settings and maybe raw logs.

Just to start with all the basics first, so those are out of the way:

  • good Skyview?
  • no weird interference?
  • rtk-settings set to Kinematic?

i will do some examinations and will come back to you!

i am a rtk pro user…

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So I’ll take that as a yes.

Are your grey bars for correction disappearing now and then?

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I think Andreas has a long, grey beard :wink:


No doubt, however, it would be dumb to start troubleshooting some odd behavior before having made sure the basics are settled, pro or novice alike.


Sorry if i have made you guys nervous…

Did restart new from beginning today with a pole. now it looks better.

i see that rs2 must be good horizontally - looks like that belongs to the antenna and housing design.

everything is working good now.
will do some videos for my german friends…


no but some grey hairs…


Nice! Keep us updated. Photos of RS2 installed on John Deere are very welcome!

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I’d like to get some RS2 receivers running with “legacy” Trimble screens and steering controllers, especially given they make up arguably the largest existing installed base of precision Ag gear.

The only hiccup to world domination is that Trimble want external receiver input to be in the the proprietary TSIP format/language…

That’s probably not a trivial nut to crack!


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