RS2+ Turn Off Mobile Data after Base Averaged

I am using the RS2+ as a base and using NTRIP corrections over mobile data to get an average fix base position on startup. For my mobile data plan, I pay per mb for the data. Is it possible to have the RS2+ stop using the mobile data after a base location is found since the corrections for the base are no longer needed then for my precision agriculture application.

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If you have a different device serving your data then yes. I’m not sure how it works with an embedded sim. All of our RS2 and RS2+ are set up to both receive NTRIP and broadcast local. Once we have obtained that fixed point, I turn off incoming corrections. Part of the reason for this is because I use the same credentials for the Emlid gear and the drone. I try to get the drone to use the network but if it doesn’t fix quickly I revert to local casting.



You can turn off mobile data at all if you transmit corrections to your rover via radio. However, if you use Emlid Caster, it’s essential to provide devices with the Internet. So, as Michael said, you can just turn off correction input.

Thanks for the information. I should have given more detail. I understand that I can just shut off the corrections manually to save mobile data, but I was wondering if there was a switch in the software somewhere to shut off mobile data automatically after the base location is found when using LORA for base output corrections. This way, I could power up the unit, and just walk away and not have to be close again when the averaging finishes to shut it back off.

Oh, I got you. It sounds interesting.

I will pass your request to our devs and we will discuss is it possible to implement such a feature!

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Ok great! This would be helpful for a couple of people i have talked to, so thank you for considering it.

Hi Anna. I was just wondering if you ever got feedback from the development team on the possibility of adding this feature. I would use this every day at startup and it would save time doing the first averaging of the day. I could just start heading to the first point I need surveyed while it is averaging and then it would shut off mobile data automatically until restarted.

We discussed your request with the devs. And implementation of such feature requires thorough research and testing, which can take us a while.

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