RS2 to hydromagic software

Hello, Anastasia already found a solution for this but I am still having issues because there are more options for the position output.
I have set:
device to : USB-to-PC
Baud rate:115200
Format NMEA

Not sure about NEMA settings??? Talker ID, Mesage type and output rate.

I am in a building, so I am not getting anything (as you suggested), but if I use UART, I am getting some feed through hydromagic.

Will update. ==> looks like all is well after selecting rs232 as the connectuion (not sure how i missed it)
Going out.

Hi @hydrocynus,

Welcome back to the forum!

I’ve found the list of supported NMEA messages on the Hydromagic website. You can select the ones that are in Reach Panel. You can select the GP Talker ID and leave the default output rate for those messages. I recommend testing this outdoors since inside the building there’s no good quality GNSS signal.

Make sure you only turn on the Nema sentences you require, otherwise you will double up depending on the sonar your using

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