RS2+ Stop & Go issue

Hi, I have two units RS2 and RS2+, I made the same process with the two units, connected to a CORS, I have fix solution in field but the RS2+ doesn’t give me a fix solution (100% Float) when I process with Stop & Go in Emlid Studio, for the RS2 I have fix solution after processed (74.3% Fix). Does the RS2+ a different workflow for this?

Hi Danilo,

They have the same workflow, but the result may vary depending on environmental conditions, observation periods, and so on. I believe that playing with post-processing settings can help achieve the FIX solution, but I need to check your files for reproducing.

Please send them via PM or to


I’ve received all files, thank you! I’ve post-processed them with the following settings and obtained 100% of FIX with both datasets:

I’ve taken RTCM3 correction logs as base logs. Some of the points weren’t processed because their RTK collection time didn’t match with raw data observation periods. Their coordinates are shown as -nan in resulting CSV files.

Just in case, I’ve attached them to this post as well as resulting pos files in the zip archive.
Juan Santiago resulting (28.9 KB)

Hi Kirill, excellent it’s working now, but I have another question, why we can’t see this result in the corrected CSV?

Hi Danilo,

Emlid Studio works only with geographical coordinates. If you require local coordinates, you can import back corrected CSV into Emlid Flow. It will convert it into the project’s coordinate system.

Hi Kirill, I understand, but would be great that you can consider include it, because you have it in the Emlid Flow workflow, so I think that it’s kind important, a lot of users use it, and the community is growing up! Think in everybody.

Thanks for everything!

Hi Danilo,

I got you! It sounds like support of different coordinate systems in Emlid Studio. I’ve noted your request and will pass it to the team.

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