RS2 Static Measurements without RTK

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I want to use the RS2 for static measurements. Ideally I would like to start the measurements in Reachview, and then be able to leave the antenna in place, while going to another location to set up another antenna. I would also like to see the measurements coming in in real time in Reachview3 before leaving for the next site.

Is there any form of internal storage in the RS2?
Can the RS2 log data when not connected to a phone?
Can I see the measurements coming in real time?


Fredrik B.

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Raw data logging, if turned on, is saved on the RS2 itself. It has 16Gb of internal memory.


Nice! So it is possible to leave the RS2 in logging mode and bring my phone with me to another site?

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I think the RS2 will happily continue to log when not connected to a smart device. One of the Emlid folks will step in if not correct. Iā€™m not sure how long you can log, say at 1 or 5 Hz, before memory is exhausted but is should be a decent amount of time.


Yes it is possible. You just start and stop the record from your phone, but the logging is in the internal memory of the receiver. When you connect back to a recording device, you then can see the recording time, and you can stop the logging and download the raw file.


It is also possible to set parameters for logging in the RS2 prior to the field mission and as long as automatic logging is enabled, the unit will start logging as soon as it boots up, bypassing the need for a phone entirely. The file will be saved when you manually shut the unit off too with the power button.


Nice! Will the RS2 show that it has started logging in any way? Without connecting to Reachview I mean.

Not directly, no. Only the usual LED patterns from normal operation.

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I agree with other answers, everything is correct. I just want to specify that Reach RS2 will save this log in 12Gb internal memory. You can also enable the function to start recording automatically when your receiver is turned on. However, Reach RS2 will not show you that it started logging. You can check it only in ReachView 3.


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