RS2 SIM card

I have Rs2 and have renewed my SIM card subscription that the card is currently has in it. For some reason it does not connect to the NTRIP sites anymore. I don’t know for sure whether updated card is 5G, however, if it is can the RS2 use it or is it only compatible with 2G ?

RS2 supports only 2G/3G. Networks without these band will not work with RS2.
If you phone supports it, you can try the simcard in the phone and scan manually for 2 or 3G.
It could also be that your RS2 is in an area that does not have 2/3G coverage.

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Hi Michael,

Reach RS2 only supports 2G or 3G since its built-in modem is 3.5G. As TB_RTK also suggested, you can insert your SIM card in your cell phone or tablet and connect your Reach RS2 to the Internet via their hotspot. This guide will help you with the workflow.

We have a newer device called Reach RS2+. The major difference is the upgrade from the 3.5G modem to the LTE modem.

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