RS2. Serial connection to Lawrance (NMEA0183)


We are trying to connect our Emlid RS2 to an echo sounder (Lawrance HDS 12 Live). We have followed this guide: []When we are trying to stream the positions the Emlid app says “Stream is off”. I can’t see what I’m doing wrong in my setup.

The output position settings are set to:
Device: UART
Baud rate: 4800
Format: NMEA

I have attached some photos of the “problems”.

Are there any who how an idea of what I’m doing wrong?


Best regards
Mikkel Knudsen

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Hi Mikkel,

May I ask you to share your hardware setup photos? I’d like to check the Reach RS2 to an echo sounder connection: just to exclude any possible issues with that.

Also, I’d recommend double-checking you specified the same baud rate on both devices.

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Hi Tatiana.

Sorry for the late answer.
I checked the baud rate and it is the same on both devices.
I have taken some photos of the connection and the setup.

Best regards
Mikkel Knudsen

Hi, Have you read this

Hi Mikkel!

According to the tutorial you mentioned, the Reach RS2 should be a Talker in the scheme. So, it is necessary to connect Reach RS2 TX wire to the adapter RX+ wire. The RX- adapter wire should be connected to the Reach RS2 Ground pin.

The pinout of the RS-232 port of RS2 might be useful for you.

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