RS2+ & RX - Request for Technical Drawings

Is there an available .dwg (preferred) or .pdf drawing for 1) the RS2+; and 2) the RX?
Each drawing should be drawn to scale and include at a minimum the front view of the so-called MMI; i.e., man-to-machine-interface; and the top view.

I’m planning on plotting their respective PCV and PCO and will include the ANTCAL data.

On a related request, is there an available vector file for the Emlid logo?

Boy, that would be an excellent project for Agisoft Metashape v2.0 ! One could put the unit on a turntable and take images from a fixed point, and viola ! A true 3D object !

Sadly, I’m just learning on Metashape but one day…

The ask wasn’t for a 3D model, though I’m sure that would be fun with Metashape! Rather I was hoping to find something like the .png below (the only thing I could find after rummaging around), but for both the RX and RS2+ in a vector format.

If your familiar with AutoCAD, the model can be inserted into the drawing and then create 2D drawings exactly as what your showing

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Hi Kelly,

We have no .dwg drawings. Do ones in STEP (RS2+, RX) or IGES (RS2+, RX) formats suit you?

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Yes, I think so, but I’ll need to experiment a little in order to answer more fully; however, note that the IGES links downloaded files with 0 bytes.


Hmm, that’s odd. You can try to download them directly from our docs: RS2+, RX.


I must eat my words, gulp. For reasons unclear, after a reboot of the PC, there they are! So sorry for my confusion!!

No worries!

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