What type of key and size to unscrew and open RS2 and RS2+ ?
Torx ? Allen ? other ?

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Hi @FrTmu,

We don’t recommend opening the unit as it will void its IP67 protection and can lead to further issues. Can you send a description of your issue to We will look into it.

Hi Alesia,
i understand about IP67, but i have two emild that are not in worhing well, (RS2 and RS2+) i just want to see what append. Il is not a problen if after the two RS will be full dead.
Let me know which key to use.


I do not know what the RS2/+/3 size is, but the old RS uses 6 point T10 TORX.

Get yourself a multi sized tool to try.

Either way, see if Emlid will help before opening it and if not… well, go from there!


I answer to mylself and confirm:
To unscrew and open RS2 and RS2+ you need à 6 point T10 TORX 40 mm long minimum

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Thank you for the update.

For anyone else reading this thread, please reach out to us at before disassembling your device. We will look into your case. Opening the device voids the warranty, and it’s difficult to investigate what’s happening with the device after that.

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