RS2+ Rover and a Tool for Construction Equipment Technicians


I am hoping to suggest the RS2+ rover as a GNSS tool to assist with position checking Komatsu construction machines that are on state provided NTRIP. The Komatsu machines utilize Topcon hardware and T-Mobile/AT&T networks mostly in my area.

In my mind both the machine and rover would be on NTRIP and at that point I should be able to position check the machine vs the rover. The machine’s monitor will give calculated positions in relation to the work equipment which can then be checked against a rover.

Would a hotspot from a cellphone be adequate for the rover to access NTRIP or is a data plan required? (I expect a hotspot would be just fine but want to make sure)

I am curious if the way I am understanding this would make this a good tool to assist with troubleshooting of machine operation concerns.

If anyone has any suggestions or insight on this I would be happy to hear it!

Thanks and have a good one.


You will need data connectivity on both ends. We use a verizon router. Most of the time it is for the drone but when I need an onsite base I’ll use the router and a power pack. Running your rover with you phone hotspot should be fine. You can also put a 4G SIM in the RS2+ but then that’s a line of service dedicated to that one device. Unless you want to carry your base around like a MiFi.

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Hi Chuck,

The mobile hotspot will work just fine to provide Reach with the Internet. But you most likely need a separate NTRIP subscription for Reach. It mostly depends on the NTRIP service terms.


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