RS2+ remote login base

Hi Emlid team.

We are trying to remotely access our Emlid RS2+ permanent base station units via static IP Sim cards.

We have 2 units, both using Optus Sim cards with static IPs assigned to the Sims.

We also have a router on the computer end, trying to access the units using port forwarding but we cannot get it working.

We have disabled the ‘Secure access to reach’ but still cannot access it.

If you could provide a step by step for this process that would be excellent.

We have tried port 40 and 80.

Bases are on v31.2 and 31.3

Please see pics for additional information including local wifi network.

Please let us know of any settings are necessary on the base station end as this is where we think it is incorrect, either the base keeping us out or the static IP not working properly.

Thankyou for your help

SS Precision Ag team

Hi Sean,

The main requirement from the Reach side is to check that secure access is disabled and that the SIM card is also visible in the status bar. So, the setup from the receiver side looks fine to me. Just in case, can you also check the APN and enable data roaming?

Can you also test a simpler setup and try to access Reach using the address assigned by the cellular provider?