RS2 Receivers not connecting to iPhone through home wifi network

Hi All,

I’m new to this so I apologize for my ignorance.

I have two RS2s that are updated, I’m running the ReachView 3 app and the receivers won’t connect to my iPhone.

I have two blue wifi lights signalling that they are indeed connected to my home wifi. My phone is also connected to my home wifi.

Any thoughts? I’ve read that it could be the 2.4 vs 5 G network? But it connected in the past when I updated firmware.

Thanks so much!

Hi @jordanpernsky,

Could you clarify whether you went through our Connecting to iOS hotspot video guide? If so, may I ask you to specify at which step the issue occurs?

Also, if you have iPhone 12, please enable the “Maximize Compatibility” option in the Personal hotspot settings. It will switch the iPhone hotspot network to 2.4 GHz.

Thanks for the response.

My Steps Are:

  • Turn on both base and rover receivers and let them gather signal and wifi
  • The receivers obtain sat signal and the wifi network button turns blue
  • I open up the ReachView app on my iPhone X to the receivers section
  • I ensure my phone is connected to my wifi network
  • no receivers show up on the receiver list

Note: when I turn off my home wifi network I am able to connect to these two receivers using their hotspot capabilities

Hi @jordanpernsky,

Sorry, I thought that you’re not able to connect to the iPhone hotspot at first. Now I see that you can’t access the devices in the ReachView app. Could you clarify whether you work with the latest version of ReachView 3?


Yes, i’m working with reachview3 on an iphone X

Please share the version of ReachView 3. It should be displayed on the Profile tab:

Yes correct. 5.8

Hi @jordanpernsky,

Is there any chance you have another device to test connection with?

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