RS2 reboots after the update

Good day, my RS2 has been reloading since Thursday, I reflashed it twice yesterday and after updating, it is reloading till battery exhausted, i recharge the battery and i pressed on button, still reloading for the past one hour.

Reloading as in the receiver trying to reboot Reachview trying to open or the update is trying to download/install?

Receiver trying to rebooting since last week Thursday.

Were the reflashes using this tool?

When you hold the power for 3-5 seconds does the WiFi light come on and stay on?

Have you tried with a power source connected?

When I hold the power for 3-5 seconds, wifi light come on and stay on but reloading power does not stable, it continues rebooting unless i pressed power button off, but I’ll try on it when connected with power.

Hi Bakare,

Michael gave you some good advices on how to approach this.

Please share with me the serial number of your device via the This will help us to have more details about the unit. If you reflashed the device, please share the results with me there as well.

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Just wanted to update here. We’ve received the info from Bakare. We’ll troubleshoot this case with them over email to avoid sharing some sensitive details. I’ll post a follow-up here when we come to conclusion.


Hi there,

An update here. We have discovered a hardware malfunction in Bakare’s unit and decided to replace it. We’ll be checking it further with our team.