Rs2 reboot when working

@polina.buriak Hi Polina, today I had a problem with the RS2 rover with version 2.24.2 that turns off and on again while I was working. Two other users report the same problem to me. The issue that to do the post-processing is divided into two ubx files. it never happened to me. I was working on corrections for LORA and the sound of the fix turned into an intermittent alarm.

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Hi Luis,

Thanks for the report! We’ll take a closer look at them.

Meanwhile, could you please describe the environmental conditions this happened in?

I don’t think they are environmental conditions, at other times it has not happened to me. In my case there were few trees and no high or medium voltage lines. I do not know if it could be a loss of connection lora or wifi so that it restarts. In the case that another user told me, the environmental conditions were optimal. I don’t know what would be an external factor that could cause this.
Thank you

Could it be a home wifi network? there was no electrical storm?

Hello, in my case it happened twice in the same job (RS2 RV3), I had activated the NTRIP (Emlid Caster) and 3.5 GSM, the Rover started working fine when I canceled Correction Imput and I had to re-measure the points so that everything stayed in the same .UBX file to work in PPK, no power lines in the area, the GSM signal may not have been good.

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Hi Luis,

We’re currently looking into the reasons that might have provoked the reboot. I’ll be in touch once there’s news.

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Hi Gabriel,

Do I get it correctly that your unit has rebooted twice during one survey mission? Could you please share the Full System Report from that unit and specify the date when it happened? Please share the report via PM or via as not to reveal the sensitive information.


Thank you !!!

Thanks, I send a PM

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Thank you, Gabriel, I’ve received your data! I’ll reach out once I have news about the issue.


Hi Polina, I have been working with NTRIP with Emlid Caster for two days in a row and I have not had any RS2 reboot. It is very strange what happened.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for the update!

Please keep us informed if anything like this happens again. We’re currently checking why the reboot could have happened in the first place.


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on our findings. Currently, it looks like for each unit it was the one-time restart that was caused by an internal error. This should not happen again as the units are fully operational.

Now, we’re looking into how we can handle the situation without the reboot. Please in case the issue repeats, reach out to us here on the forum or via

Hi Polina, I haven’t had any reboot problems with V26. I tested it in extreme environmental conditions and it has not failed, the only thing I experience is the low volume of fix to float


Great to hear that the update works great for you! Please report to us if the issue occurs again.


We’ve double-checked the data from your unit. We’ll need some additional information to get the full picture of the issue. Please check your PM as I’ve reached out to you there.

The further troubleshooting is better to be handled in private as it might contain sharing of the sensitive information. Thank you!

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