RS2 really just getting started

Trying to figure out if connected to provider. In Status screen it bars for the satelites are there with the gray bars but when I look at the position and Base position readings, they are the same at the beginning then the position numbers change every few seconds. The Height is way off , am I getting the correction input correctly. The Correction input page says connected, but somehow I think the RS2 is not using it.

Remember that the height is height over elipsoid, not a local geoid.

Grey bars next to colored bars indicate that the RS2 is receiving corrections.

Hi @leebodces,

How often AR ratio on the Status page is updated?
Could you please share the screenshots demonstrating the behavior?

When I am connected to a base via NTRIP it is several kilometers away, however the baseline is showing in virtually at the same location as the rover. It is like it is giving itself the corrections, shouldnt the base line show distance to the base that it should be connected to.

Could you be using a VRS service? That would explain the short baseline


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