RS2 & reachview Bluetooth functionality

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Basic question I don’t think is obvious in the documentation.
I have two RS2 (base & Rover) running on RV2 v 2.24.0 (and RV3 dev)
Iphone X

Can I use BT instead of wifi to run the RV2/3 apps?
I find my 4G internet is dropping off when I use RV, not sure if RV is the cause.
I basically need to swap between RV and the internet dependent apps (such as a benchmark, converters apps)

At the moment, I cannot even pair the iph with the RS2.
RV says I need to set the pin before becoming discoverable…the default is 123456, so a change it to 654321 but neither the iph appears in RV or RS2 appear in iph BT list.


Hi Troy,

You can access the ReachView on the device only via the Wi-Fi connection: either using Reach’s hotspot or another available network. Bluetooth connection is used only for Position Output and Correction Input/Correction Output.

Please note that Bluetooth connection with iOS devices isn’t supported in the ReachView app. To output position on iOS device, you can use the TCP option, for example. To get precise coordinates from Reach on an Android device over Bluetooth, please, check this guide.

Well that clears that up.
I’ll stop trying :wink:
Thanks Liudmila

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