RS2 - question about external power

Im using RS2 as a base. I supply power via a 9-pin connector. I use the auto power on function when the power is on the plug so that I do not get on the roof every time and turn on the antenna manually. Unfortunately, this function is combined with auto power off. Which means that when the power goes out (which happens in my area) instead of using the battery until the power is is back or battery empty the antenna turns off. This is a little pointless in the case of the base.
Of course, I could buy and install a UPS, but since the antenna has a built-in battery why spend more money…
Is it possible to use “auto power on” without “auto power off”?



Hi Piotr,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over the email.

Let me repeat my question here. Do I understand correctly that you require the auto power on?

If you turn the base on manually and don’t enable the auto power on/off function, then the base would not switch off once the power is off and will continue to work. This is, as I understand, what you ask for.

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