RS2 Problem with bad gnss signal

Hello Friends

My RS2 is having a lot of bad gnss signal as the photos behind

I have been testing in diferent places.

There is any configuration that could solve this?

Sorry for my english

Can you post some images of you setup ?
Do you have some other electronic components close to the RS2?



So im using the rs2 to record raw data (ubx files) for my ppk system.

Look at my configurations for this … im testing in my backyard as the picture behind but i have been using in diferent places with the same result … bad signal … well i live in the mountains, i dont know if this changes the question.

Hi @vitorsig,

At first glance, the survey site and placement look fine. But the logs quality is indeed poor.

Can you share the log files? And also the Full system report from your Reach. I’ll check if everything operates correctly from the hardware side. I suggest sending it to as it contains sensitive info.


thanks for your feedback.

I just send the e-mail with the full system report and the logs.

Received the email! Give me some time to check, and I’ll share the results.


Hi Vitor,

Something quite interesting is happening here. Take a look:

These are L2-signals. Looks pretty similar to the screenshots you shared. But here’re the L1-signals:

And their quality is more than appropriate.

L2-signals in general are more vulnerable to some RF noises on a site. So, I’d check if it looks the same way in another place. Do you have a chance to check that? This way we’ll know for sure if it’s a unit or site-related issue.

Hello, thanks for your feedback.

Thats intersting.

I will test in other place asap and send you the logs.