RS2 position output via bluetooth results in write error

Hi All!

I am trying to use RS2 with AgOpenGPS via AGIO. AOG needs a nmea GGA and VTG which are provided by position output by RS2.

However, when bluetooth is selected and all other nmea sentences are turned off and only GGA and VTG left a write error message results when hitting apply.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Are your GNSS settings at 10hz?

I found the solution to the problem, the position is not displayed the first time you set it up in AgIO on the Com ports page. The position is coming in if you select the gear icon and specifically select GPS data.

But I do notice a new issue I had not had before, where I am unable to receive corrections over Bluetooth but this is also on the AgIO side. Something is messed up with how AgOpen GPS is handling the Bluetooth ports.

Hi! Yes, it is at 10 Hz so the advise on the rtk rate divisible by the nmea rate is not a concern. I am just wondering why writing the nmea sentences results in a write error. And yet agio receives nmea sentences but aog do not pick up the latitude and longitude. Thx

I’ve got it solved it is a bug with Bluetooth ports in agIO 5.6, but now they need to figure out whats causing it.

Emlid has had their Bluetooth side working flawlessly for a long time.

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Hi! So which old version of AOG did you used? Thx

Its version 5, but i think it is more important to get 5.6 fixed.

Lets continue this AOG discussion on the AOG forum.

k thx

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