RS2 OTG usbc?

Still waiting for the Lora radio to show up. So out come the RFD900 radios. Wiring up the M2 is pretty simple. But how a the RS2? Can you go from the serial cable strait to the RFD900, or do you need a level converter for rs232. I was thinking maybe just use the USB C, to a USB C FTDI adapter. Would that require a OTG cable? Because I actually have some USB C to USB micro cables kicking around lol.


We also have a pinout scheme of the RS2’s bottom connector, just in case you’ve not seen it.

UART to RS-232 bridge is precisely what’s needed here if you want to connect RFD900 radio to the RS2’s bottom connector.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I believe it may work. It looks like the OTG cable won’t be needed since the adapter has the USB-C male connector.

When I connected my RFD900 to USB, I used an OTG but, one of the reasons what is was the only cable I had that went from USB C to USB A in order to connect my FTDI cable.

As Liudmila stated if using the Serial cable the converter would be needed.

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