RS2 OPUS processing issues

I am getting some serious peak-to-peak errors in my data. That is not typical for most receivers. The P2P errors are over 50 cm for LL. Very usual behavior for a GNSS receiver. Does anyone else get these errors when processing with OPUS Static?

Not sure about peak errors. I did a test once comparing a sokkia gsr & rs2. I placed the 2 receivers about 1 m apart in both difficult and open areas to compare results when submitted to OPUS. I can’t remember exact numbers but OPUS used around 80% of the sokkia’s data compared to a low 50% of rs2’s data. This lead me to use the RS2 as a base to be placed in open clear sky areas and use the sokkia as the rover.

Hi Tim, Juan,

I believe I’ve just answered to you regarding the same topic here:

As I said in this thread, we need to analyze your raw data to come up with any conclusion on what could go wrong here. It’d be nice if we can continue our conversation in one thread, so I’m closing this one.