RS2 .obs to Pathfinder Base station rinex format .x%%o

Dear Community,
I’m trying to convert trimble rover in PPK with Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office.

I use a Geo6000 centimetric accuracy and RS2 as base station.

I produced Rinex 3 .obs base station files for my observations time during my survey.

Now, i want to post process all of those data :
I successfully created my Trimble base station in PFO.
But, the rinex 3 .obs format is not recognized by Trimble… They want some .dat or some .%%o files.
Do you have an idea to convert my larged .obs files into .%%o files ? (it is daily recording).

I tried Trimble to rinex converter (does not worked because it needs .dat, .tgd, .t00 -> .t04)
I tried RTC conv to export in rinex 2 or 3, but convert stucks during convertion. No files created.

Any help would be nicely welcome.
Best regards…

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You just simply rename them to *.20o . The 20 represent the year the observation was done in.

Dear, thank you very much for your reply, i already tried to doing it, Trimble does not read file.
I successfully achieved this operation by passing through EZsurv software.

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So, to resume for all, this how i solved my problem, using OnPoz, EZsurv (which is a non-free software):

  • Export RS2 raw data in rinex 3 zip file
  • Unzip it. If raw data is >500 Mo, split file while conserving or editing it to add header informations, and format all split epochs
  • Import rinex files in EZSurv (it will check file integrity).
  • Right Clic on it >Export to Rinex > choose your folder

Launch PFO

  • Create your personnal base station, enter your local coordinates in 0 " ’ format
  • Use your local .%%o files previously exported in EZsurv in the PFO post-processing windows

You should not have this error message:

And you should have this successfull message (in our case in french sorry):
--------Détails de couverture:--------------------
Fichier du mobile: xxxxxxxxxxxxx.ssf
Heure lcoale: 27/07/2020 16:24:27 à 02/08/2020 11:16:09
98% couverture totale




Thanks for sharing your solution! I believe it would be helpful for other users :slight_smile:

You can use RTKCONV using this configuration like a screenshots below :

You will obtain :

If you check Sep NAV you will obtain:

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