RS2 No Fix after Update


I have just updated the firmware on the RS2 I cannot get a Fix solution, with the previous firmware it was not a problem, the base is located at a known location where we have always been able to get Fixed status within a few mins

The baseline is at 81.795km it is the same one we always use at the moment the position is showing Lat 0.0120m Long 0.0100m Height 0.0130 it has been stable at those numbers for 1 hour this is the accuracy we always get yet no Fix

Are you getting a float or what are you getting? The StDev seems to be that of a fix.

I am getting Float with the previous settings which have always worked, I have changed the NTRIP the baseline is now 34.561Km Long 0.0100 Lat 0.0100 Height 0.0100 now it has a Fixed solution

Can you try the latest Dev-version ? There were made some improvements to NTRIP in that.

That said, 60 km is the recommend max baseline for multifrequency RTK (100 km when postprocessing)

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Will do

We have always been able to get a fix in the past at this location using that particular caster it is central to our operations

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