RS2 Mobile data is off

I have the same problem with my new RS2.
I inserted my SIM Card (O2, APN: internet), tipped in my PIN code and see that there is a connection in the top left windowbar (but only one beam).
When i try to switch the Mobile Data On - it takes a moment and then stays off.

Did anyone found a solution for this problem?

Hi Florian,

Could you clarify whether your SIM card supports 3G and GSM?

try to disable the pin on the card.
for this you could put the sim in a smartphone and then go to the settings and disable the pin for the simcard.
in my case that seemed to help.
only thing left is that sometimes after power on the sim is no detected at all…

as i partly helped the real owner of the device i currently don’t now how often this happens…

sunny greetings

Hi, I think I have the solution, the o2 datacard in the RS2 can’t perform an hotspot, this could be the explanation.

Hi Florian,

M2M SIM cards are currently not supported by Reach RS2. Would it be possible to specify whether your SIM card is one of them?

Also, please check your receiver with another SIM card just to exclude the possibility of a faulty SIM.

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